Most frequent questions and answers

We are reaching out to kids between the age groups of 8 to 18 years. Ideally, our students will be from primary school to secondary school.
We also take on young Adults who are either waiting to go to the university or have Already finished University.

All STEM subjects are taught in our program but the particular focus is on guiding the participants to be able to get work in the tech field with special tech skills like coding, design, etc.

We run summer programs for people who are in school and they come around in the long holidays and we also have on-going programs for those who are out of school.
We run flexible programs so that anyone who walk into our centre would get a program that would fit their schedule.

Our program is absolutely free of charge to our students.
The project is fully funded and supported by Akogun Peak Foundation.

You can go to our website to donate or pick any item on our wish list to donate to our organisation. Thank you.